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by griffin granberg on February 25, 2011

Enjoying a NB Mothership Wit

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

My name is Griffin ‘Gage’ Granberg and this is my new place to vent, and in doing so will fill you in on what’s doing, how things were done, basically the inside&outside to what I have done or are doing – that I feel is worth your time.


I am a semi-successful, location independent, entrepreneur with a strong social/moral/ethical conscience.


If you’ve never heard of me before that’s OK.  I’ve kept a pretty low profile with most people that I don’t directly do business with.   The thing is if you subscribe to my RSS feed you’ll get to know me real fast as I plan to tackle old & current topics in business, life, and anything else I see fit.

I believe you should know some-to-all of my history (vital to know where my writings coming from) and you will as this site bumbles along.  To start, here are a few jobs that I’ve done in my lifetime before 19 years of age (not in chronological order):

  1. Babysitter
  2. Detasseler — Pioneer Seed Co.
  3. Crew Trainer — McDonald’s
  4. Volunteer On-Air Personality — 89.1 KAUR fm – Augustana College Radio
  5. On-Air Personality — Hot 104.7 – Cumulus Media
  6. Production Intern — FOX (1)7 – KTTW
  7. Sales Assistant — FOX (1)7 – KTTW
  8. Freelance Web Developer
  9. Business Owner

As I expand on some of my current projects, I will draw from specific experiences from those days and people that may have influenced me (why/how/etc) at the time.

As an entrepreneur, life is a series of interesting encounters with interesting people especially with the industries I’ve done business in (Web Development, Online Marketing (organic SEO), Business Consultant, Affiliate Marketing (Advertiser-side mostly), etc) and the ups & downs of it all.  Hang on and Standby the road’s bumpy, twisty, and fast.  //g

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