Hello New Life :)

by griffin granberg on April 19, 2013

Griffin GranbergBefore I delve into what has been going on with me & my life, in general, I wanted to open this little page up and start typing.  Recently, I have been writing more; some in email form, and some actually pen-to-paper.  It’s been an interesting journey – one that I would like to expand to include this website.

I think the experiences I’ve had as a (still) younger person would be helpful to others.  Whether that would include the different things I’ve done growing up or growing to the point I am at to the lessons learned to who knows – skies the limit.  Being an entrepreneur in today’s economy is rough and you’ve got to be TOUGH. hah  It almost sounds cliché but never has it been a truer statement.

I guess this post is really to just give warning to the one (maybe two) people that still might stop by here for some reason – that I am going to be back writing.

until next time.. –griffin

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