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by griffin granberg on April 19, 2013

Twitter BirdAlmost a year ago now I gave up Facebook.  There really isn’t a cool story as to why.  I just hated that it was taking so much time away from me.  Maybe a touch of being sick of updating hundreds of people that I don’t care for much anymore about everything in my life – something like that.  So I deactivated my personal account.

At that time, I started to use Twitter more.  I think what I enjoy about Twitter vs. Facebook or other social networking is there is actually good information still be shared on it.  Which brings me to this post.  I wanted to make a quick list of people (off the top of my head) on Twitter – so without further ado, here’s a list of people I enjoy on Twitter..


Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman-DolanI am not sure when I first learned of Rae (or sugarrae), but ever since it’s been fun following her.  She is a crazy football fanatic and used to cuss a lot more, but after having an another kid and/or starting an agency with her husband she’s kind of toned it down a bit – maybe her life is just that much more peaceful?  Anyway–  She writes a great blog too at:  The Sugarre Blog

A quick few reasons I enjoy following her:  a) she knows her shit b) she’s boisterous/loud c) she runs (affiliate) sites I respect d) she’s super cool/chill in person

You can check out her twitter stream at:  @Sugarrae on Twitter

Ramit Sethi

Ramit SethiTo be honest, I HATE “get rich” people.  It’s an extremely (competitive) annoying space.  Most people are complete bullshit.  This comes from someone (me) that spent enough time in the BizOp space to know.  The thing is, I don’t know this dude from Adam or Eve, but his twitter feed is really interesting and informative – AND that should be worth something.

I found Ramit from an article I found online, Why won’t anyone be honest with you? It’s a great read- my main takeaway is that you have to up/improve your game if you want to have those type of people in your life (dating or not).  The rest of his blog is also interesting – never read his book, but just for that blog post above and his sprinkling of great informative tweets on twitter he makes my list here.

Check Ramit Sethi at:  @ramit on Twitter

Sujan Patel

Sujan PatelSujan is a new find for me.  I don’t know much about him or his agency, but he’s in the Internet Marketing space.  The first thing I thought after following him for a while was like “this dude seems to know his shit.”  It’s easy in the internet marketing space to find people, but people that are legit – different story.  I apologize for not knowing more about him, but if you follow him – you will soon find out that the guy seems real positive and making life work for him.  That’s huge since that’s what I am about – working hard, living life — and creating the life you want to live.  Plus all the information he spews out for different articles to read.. awesome.

Check out Sujan Patel at:  @sujanpatel on Twitter

Ally Maynard

Ally MaynardDon’t know this chick, don’t know what she does, etc etc – but with all the intensity of the people I follow in the industries I am in (they are a grueling bunch at times) – Ally is the comic relief for my feed.  Crude to some, but for me the irony and comedic display is just what I need sometimes.

I also add her to this list because not everyone that reads this will be professional friends, but personal friends and I think a lot of them will find Ally’s feed quite amazing ~70% of the time.  :)

Check out Ally Maynard at:  @missmayn on Twitter


Chris Hooley

Chris HooleyChris is a very accomplished internet marketer that was nice enough to invite me into his home a couple times while I lived in Scottsdale.  The experience this guy has had in arguably one of the most competitive spaces online is truly awesome.  I also include him because I wanted to include people I’ve actually met when I could and could personally vouch for their awesomeness ;)

Chris is straight off the boat from Boston which pretty much means he’s no-bullshit, crude, funny, but mainly he’s himself – which is respectable.  His tweets often convey his “I-don’t-give-a-fuckness” and for that he makes my list.

Check out Chris Hooley at:  @ChrisHooley on Twitter

Dave Snyder

Dave SnyderI am pretty sure I’ve met Dave, once at Affiliate Summit NYC – maybe in passing?  I can’t remember too well – but if you’ve ever “enjoyed” an Affiliate Summit anything close to how much I did – you probably don’t remember much.  (it’s a great conference that I would spend my own money on)

Dave used to run a company in the Social Media space before it was cool to have a company that says they do social. :)  He has moved on to running a startup.  I think the main thing I enjoy about Dave is that he posts a lot of positive stuff and seems to be all about doing his best to keep a balance between running a demanding business (which ones aren’t?) and being a standup family man.  That’s respectable – and his feed is full nuggets of great articles.

Check out Dave Snyder at:  @davesnyder on Twitter

Jason Calacanis

Jason CalacanisFrom the picture you’d think he was a bulldog breeder – maybe he is?  I’m not for sure, but what I do know is if you are in anything tech – you have probably heard of Jason.  So, I am not going to spend a lot of time explaining who he is, etc etc.

I follow Jason mostly for when he gets fiery.  I like people that call other people out on the carpet – especially deserving people, and I enjoy people that put their balls out there and make predictions about the tech industry – it’s a risky thing to do.  Really I just enjoy his insights – I think you will too.

Check out Jason Calacanis at:  @Jason on Twitter

David Dellanave

David DellanaveI have met David a couple times in Nebraska of all places.  He has a cool tech/dev past and keeps it low-key when he really doesn’t have to.  Being humble is pretty awesome, and I think he should give lessons.  At any rate, I follow David for quite a few reasons, but the main one is that he posts a lot of good stuff about nutrition and working out/fitness.

As most people in my life know, I have always battled myself at staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle (not super easy growing up in the midwest+being single+working hard+etc) so it’s nice to follow someone that is rocking that lifestyle hard.  So, to keep fitness+health in my mind at all times David helps play a role on twitter.  Much appreciated – I hope you enjoy following him as much as I do.

Check out David Dellanave at:  @ddn on Twitter

Well, I think this list is enough for today. I will do more of this in the future, but without Facebook following the people above and others I will include in the future really just helps give me just enough “social” interaction to be appeased.  Plus, I’ve always been more about getting off the damn computer and actually meeting up with people in person – you know IN REAL LIFE, it’s crazy.

until next time.. –griffin

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